"I don't even watch those boring Lunar matches anymore. I'll show you some real sport; if you have the stomach for it."
— Accoun-10 talking to Bolts

Vital statistics
Affiliation Civi-Bot Underground Fight & File Sharing Club (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Robot
Occupation Civi-Bot
Allies Bolts

Accoun-10 is a Civi-Bot who appeared in one episode. He was the robot who told Bolts to go participate in the illegal Civi-Bot Underground Fight and File Sharing Club, after the latter thought he wasn't respected enough.[1]



Accoun-10 is a pale grey robot, who bears a strong physical resemblance to Lock Clankton. He wears a golf hat and yellow glasses along with a grey bow tie.


Not much is revealed, but he does not like the Lunar League sports circuit and claimed that he used to watch it. He thinks the fighting club he attends offers "real action".

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Trivia Edit

  • Accoun-10 is a pun off of the job "accountant".

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  1. El Bolto De Fuego