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Not to be mistaken for Blood Bots, Dr. Blood's foot soldiers.

"Blood's Bot was, is Dr. Blood's secret weapon."
Mot Bot tells Blip


The picture of Blood's Bot seen in Robots Don't Dream Part 2.

Blood's Bot is a special robot having the role being Dr. Blood's secret weapon and the key to his plan to conquer the galaxy. Because of this, Blood's Bot is a prominent character and was the robot which needed to be stopped by Blip. Not only are his abilities terrifying, he is the controller and battery to Dr. Blood's ultimate creation, the MegaBlood.

Design Edit


His identity is briefly revealed as Bolts in El Bolto Del Fuego before the role was even mentioned, where he goes berserk after Steve took his insults too far. Like Blip, his strength increases drastically, but with no actual physical change. His eyes turn red, hinting that he was Blood's Bot before the role was even mentioned. This was later confirmed when he was also struck by lightning along with Tigrr Jaxxon, to which Blood's Bot was supposed to be prone to such an event and the fact that Tigrr Jaxxon was revealed not to be Blood's Bot.

This mode was activated by pure rage or by a button on the back of his head known only to Dr. Blood, unlike Blip's, which activates when a need comes, not a want. However, during the series' climax, no increase in power or electricity was shown when Bolts used it again. (possibly because Dr. Blood activated it.)