The Boogey Bot is a child's urban legend.


The Boogey Bot is an urban legend that children appear to be afraid of. According to Tigrr Jaxxon, The Boogey Bot is a two headed monster which lives in the darkness, eats pure fear and flosses it teeth with a robot's exposed wiring. Whenever the Boogey Bot chased Tigrr Jaxxon and Blip, it made an eerie noise consisting of an echoing screech and a menacing roar.


Bolts & BlipEdit

The Boogey Bot appeared in TiGrr By The Tail, covered by the darkness of the sewers. Its eyes were only shown for the chase scene in the episode, until they reached the surface and the darkness was gone. When they reached the surface, it appeared to be two Schleprechauns, who bear a striking resemblance to King Spinklewinks and Prince Coopwoodle but their voices sound the same as normal Schleprechauns.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The name is a pun on the Bogey Man, a child's urban legend.

References Edit

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