"Yay! Iron Kiwi!"
— D-Gor in Evil Saedee

D-Gor is Dr. Blood's unfortunate servant. On occasion D-Gor is hit by Dr. Blood in the head. This is usually during when he does something silly or if he questions Dr. Blood's orders. His only significant role was when he chased Bolts through a hallway, in order to persuade him.[1]

Appearance Edit

He is a robot that is particularly short in size and sports a small hunchback. Like most of Dr bloods forces, he is coloured red and his eyes are rusty orange. He is also made from scrap metal. Like Steve, he has a singlewheel for feet.


D-Gor persuading Bolts to join Dr Blood's forces.

Personality Edit

Contrary to his name, his personality is a pun on Igor's personality, frequently calling Dr. Blood master. He is obedient to Dr. Blood as he often compliments him and is in on his plan to take over the solar system.


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Bolts & BlipEdit

Trivia Edit

  • D-Gor is quite tall compared to Bolts.
  • D-Gor was a pun on Igor, and like Igor, D-Gor has a master.
  • Like Steve, they both assist their leader; Steve to Gridiron and D-Gor to Dr. Blood.

Relationships with other characters Edit

  • Dr. Blood- He shows respect towards Dr. Blood, as he is in on his plans and goals. Dr Blood doesn't show much appreciation back though, as he does not care for anyone except himself.
  • Blood Bots- He does not really care for the Blood Bots as they are Dr Bloods main soldiers. Like Dr. Blood, he treats them like expendables.
  • Blip- As he is with Dr. Blood, he hates Blip. They are enemies with each other and are against each other's goals and plans. He once caused Blip to suffer emotionally as he persuaded Bolts Dr. Blood by telling him Dr Blood and his forces were his real friends.

References Edit

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