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"Just have faith, Blip!"
— Tommy advises Blip

Dr. Tommy
Tommy Dr Guy

Dr. Tommy.
Known Stats
Affiliation Earth Command
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Scientist
Allies Blip
Lunar League
Lunar City
Enemies Dr. Blood, Bolts (formerly)

Dr. Tommy is the genius doctor who created all of the robots on Lunar City, with the exception of the Blood Bots and Blood's Bot. He is the arch-nemesis of Dr. Blood. He is commemorated by the robots on Dr. Tommy's day. He was also the creator of Blip. After defeating the MegaBlood, Tommy, along with Saedee and Blip, celebrate with the other robots as the first human children land on the moon (shown off-screen).

Design Edit


He is tall, as opposed to Dr. Blood, who is short. He sports glasses, brown hair and a brown moustache on his face. He wears a white spacesuit which includes a yellow visor, and a blue voice projector. with the logo of Earth Command on the middle of the torso.[1] It is unknown if he is muscular or not. In flashbacks, all but his face are shown.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be very gentle towards Blip and the rest of the protagonists. He told Blip that he needed faith to win against Dr. Blood when Blood was about to destroy Lunar City with Bolts who as turned against Blip and his ultimate creation, the Megablood. Blip eventually gets Bolts back on the good side, defeats Dr. Blood, and becomes Saedee's girlfriend. After that, they celebrate as the first human children arrive on the Moon on a space bus (although the kids were never seen).



While on the moon, Tommy and Blood were following footprints made from two robots from the future (which were their future creations, Bolts and Blip). They never saw them though. Dr. Blood, however, considered the possibility of a time loop made by robots from the future. Although he was right, they were led to think that Dr. Blood's oxygen level was low.[2]

Dr. Tommy discovering the moon.

A few days later, Dr. Tommy and Dr. Blood were busy working on the two robots, who were soon to be named Bolts and Blip. Dr. Tommy shot Dr. Blood with water, in order for him to not notice the dripping water in the leaky pipes. Garry talks to them via screen chat, and congratulates their work. When he stops talking and goes off somewhere else, Dr. Blood tells Tommy about his plan to destroy the Earth. Dr. Tommy doesn't take it seriously, but he eventually does. They get into a fight, and Tommy was losing. The robot named Blip, however, threw the Squeaker bombs at Blood, and the lab exploded with fury. When the two robot doctors come in, an injured Dr. Tommy asks where is Dr. Blood. A robot cop says that he may not have survived. Tommy would then put the finishing touches on Blip.[3][4]

Bolts & BlipEdit

He makes his appearance in person near the end of Pandemonium. A short moment later, Dr. Tommy and Dr. Blood decide a bet, with the moon at stake. Blip and Dr. Tommy discuss about Blip's Super Mode and how to activate it. Dr. tommy explains that all Blip needed was faith. Blip lost the fight with Bolts, but since Bolts turned good again after witnessing Blip's "death", Dr. Tommy did not lose the bet. Dr. Tommy asks if Dr. Blood was ready to concede yet. Dr. Blood reveals that he had the Black Box. Blood uses it to injure Saedee, and then the two doctors wrestle for a brief moment. Tommy lost, but he had obtained the Black Box. He used it to awaken all the sleeping robots. Dr. Blood then got on the MegaBlood to shoot down the anti-matter plant. Dr. Tommy told Blip to stop him, and he did. Dr. Tommy the told a defeated Blood to have a drink on him, and fired a Water Rifle at Blood, rusting him. Blood had gotten away however, with the help of D-Gor. Dr. Tommy then celebrated with the robots.

Relationships with Other Characters Edit

Dr. BloodEdit

Tommy and Blood were former colleagues, until Tommy discovered Blood's plans for world domination. Since then, they have become bitter enemies and are against each others goals and ideals. They each made their own secret weapons, Blood's Bot and Dr. Tommy's Bot to use against each other.


Blip and Tommy show a strong friendship in the season finale. He told Blip to have faith as it was the only way to defeat Dr. Blood and get Bolts back on the good side.


He doesn't appear to give Saedee as much respect, as he only wanted her to massage him. However, he still treats all of his robots like children.

References Edit

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