"Quit your draggin' and drop your schwaggin'!"
— Gridiron commands his team

Gridiron (Voiced by Patrick Garrow) is the coach of the Thunderbolts team. He often rants at his team either when they lose a game, or if they just goof up at some point. He is the anti-hero of the series, due to his compassion for the Thunderbolts sometimes.

Design Edit


He appears to be a huge robot due to his massive size. He has blue eyes like the rest of the Thunderbolts. He also appears to weigh 2210 pounds, shown in A Kinder, Gentler Gridiron. His head appears to weigh 10 pounds which is also shown in that episode. He wears a necklace with a whistle.

Personality Edit

Gridiron is cranky, tough and short tempered. Whenever something goes wrong, his hydraulic fluid goes up, causing his body to heat up, making it glow and his head shoots into the air. (which is a running gag) On one case, he had to be reprogrammed.[1] His personality is based on a typical drill sergeant, however in some episodes, he appears to have a soft spot for the Thunderbolts.

Biography Edit

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  • He is either referred to as "coach" or "general" Gridiron.


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References Edit

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