"And that shot was only on level one setting! This baby can go up to eleven!"
— Bolts introducing the new model

Ion Devastator 3000
The Ion Devastator 3001.
Known Stats
Creators Lunar League (earlier)
Users Bolts
Abilities Original Model: Laser powered blasts that can burn through steel
Bolts' Version: Can fire a long jet of water.

The Ion Devastator 3000 is a type of outdated and outlawed weapon that fires a powerful blast.

Background Edit

The Ion Devastator 3000 was a weapon used in the Extreme Robot Elimination matches, but since they made the Lunar League games instead, it was then outlawed. It could fire a crimson red laser that could go through metal.

Its new model, the Ion Devastator 3001 is modified to be water-based to comply with Lunar League regulations with eleven power settings. It can fire a long jet of water.



Bolts found it while looking around his and Blip's new living quarters, and had been busy in attempting to modify it so that it could be suitable for arena battle. Bolts' modified weapon, now called the Ion Devastator 3001, is now modified so it can fire high pressure jets of water as well as featuring up to eleven weapons settings.

However, it proved to be useless that time, because they were doing Extreme Moon Croquet, a sport that did not require water weapons, but Bolts used it to propel an about to explode Squeaker away from them.[1]


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