The Jango 3000 Room is a huge structure once filled with dormant Jango-3000 bombs, presumably where Squeaker came from. [1]

Background Edit

The room is a huge structure once filled with a huge revolving chamber of decommissioned Jango-3000s. On the chamber's glass wall is some rust, possibly wear and tear since the retirement of Extreme Robot Elimination matches. It has a programming device to reprogram the dormant robots.

History Edit

It made a short appearance at the end of Little Squeaker, while Saedee told Blip one Squeaker was more than enough.

It makes a significant appearance during the events of Dr. Blood Day, Blip used Squeaker's data chip to reprogram the Jango-3000s to his advantage. After that, he then went to the Schleprechaun Lair.

References Edit

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