"I'm Klank Lockton! And here's Tigrr Jaxxon!"
— Klank in an interview


Klank Lockton is one of the two Lunar League announcers in the series. 

Design Edit


Klank wears a yellow shirt along with a purple neck tie decorated with green polka dots, with purple pants. Klank has an oval shaped head with blue eyes like most robots, curly-styled grey hair and a pair of triangular ears. Below the ears are black sideburns, similar to the famous Elvis Presley.[1]


He enjoys commenting on the Lunar League matches, often on mistakes or moments of success by the competing teams, usually taking the microphone away from his partner, Lock. Speaking of Lock, Klank likes to play jokes on him. When the latter took the chance to do his job after his voice locked up, he tried to take it from him, but Lock kept holding him back.[1] He also likes to advertise a variety of Dloob Corporation products, mainly Dloob Cola.


  • A running gag is Klank is almost always the one with the microphone and somehow manages to stop Lock from talking into the microphone whenever given the chance (even unintentionally).


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