"Emergency donut storage!"


The Lunar Police is the public law enforcement and security service of Lunar City. Unlike Battle-Bots, they don't use weapons for sport, only for security purposes.

The Lunar Police have ranks, but are all identical so they can only be told apart by their behavior. Robots who are not already cops can apply to become deputies of a certain class. Bolts once joined the force as a Class 5 Honorary Junior Deputy, but got in the way of Blip and his friends, so Blip became a Class 3 Honorary Junior Deputy to write Bolts a citation. However, both bots were decommissioned after they got charged for a couple of misdemeanors.[1]




Blip as a Class 3 Honorary Junior Deputy.

They are big, tall and muscular. They also have blue metal police uniforms and wear police hats, with eyes that are each red and blue, referencing the common colours of police car lights. Junior Deputies wear miniature versions of these attributes.


The members of the Lunar Police often have the attributes of a stereotypical cop. For example, two members each acted as a "good cop", being friendly and generous and a "bad cop", being aggressive and merciless. Once, they used the Thunderbolts Headquarters to serve as emergency doughnut storage, which is another stereotypical cop attribute: liking doughnuts.

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