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The MegaBlood emerges.
Known Stats


Dr. Blood


Dr. Blood


Shooting powerful red-coloured water, large claws for assault

The Megablood is a huge robot built by Dr. Blood, created when a special Reformatter consumed Blood Bots and took their materials to transform itself into the giant robot. It is both piloted by Bolts and Dr. Blood.[1] Piloting the MegaBlood requires great skill and control, as when piloting it, it can easily topple. This robot is key to Dr. Blood's plan, alongside Blood's Bot and the Black Box

In Bolts & Blip - Quest of the Battle-Bots, the MegaBlood is the final opponent.



The MegaBlood is a huge, mechanical robot that can be piloted by any robot or human by entering the cockpit located in the chest. It sports a similar resemblance to regular Blood Bots. It has many hidden weapons and long, sharp, silver claws that come out of it's many arms, which come from the Reformatter it once was. It is technically a vehicle, since it cannot move on its own, and it can be piloted by either Bolts or Dr. Blood.


The Megablood was briefly mentioned in Robots Don't Dream Part 2, being credited as a super bot powered by Blood's Bot.[2]


Blip prepares to battle the MegaBlood.

When it makes its appearance, Bolts was behind the controls, trying to bust through the Lunar Dome. It eventually succeeded in doing so, allowing Bolts to terrorize the robots down below him. The police tried to settle the problem, but fail along with other bots. Bolts occasionally refered the MegaBlood "Megabolts" when someone said the original name, as he wanted some credit for Dr. Blood's plan.[3] Blip and Bolts later face off in a brutal battle, ending with Blip getting defeated by Bolts. Soon Bolts starts to feel sorry for Blip after he sees that Blip is really hurt, and after the thought of Blip dead. Blip wakes up and they re-unite. Dr Blood gets enraged and soon takes over the MegaBlood. Blip and Saedee defeat the MegaBlood, leaving Dr. Blood no choice but to escape with D-Gor and declared that he will be back.[4]


  • Its large claws belong to the Reformatter it once was.

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