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Known Stats
Affiliation Himself
Gender Male
Race Robot
Occupation Janitor
Voiced By Dwayne Hill

Plingmonger is a robot who only appears in A Kinder, Gentler Gridiron. He claimed to be a reprogrammer and gave the Thunderbolts new personalities (except Steve and Bolts). He was actually a janitor who learned the skills to reprogram from a book named "Reprogramming for Idiots".



Plingmonger is short and small. He appears to be balding, and has white facial hair. Even though he really is a janitor, he wears a doctor's outfit. He is usually seen carrying a hard drive that contains personalities for robots.


Because of his diminutive size, he appears to be intimidated by either furious or huge bots. He was hesitant to reveal his identity as a janitor until he was caught by Bolts and Steve. He claims to have a dream for something later in the future.

Biography Edit

Bolts & BlipEdit

Plingmonger was hired by the Thunderbolts to reprogram Gridiron into a nicer personality. This then pushed others to do the same, resulting in Plingmonger giving everyone a different personality. He was then unmasked as a janitor by Steve and Bolts and revealed that he was trying to follow his dream and was hired by Blip to scrub a Blood Bot's back hatch.