Pot of Goldium closeup

Blip holding a Pot of Goldium.

The Pot of Goldium is a big pot containing a gold-coloured metal that is similar in value to gold, guarded by the Schleprechauns The Pot of Goldium is based on the legend of the Pot of Gold guarded by leprechauns.

Background Edit

The Pot of Goldium was guarded by the Scleprechauns below Lunar City. The Goldium was created from trash that robots threw on the ground. The way it was made is that they put it in a machine and it turns it into Pot of Goldium. A rumor claimed that the Schleprechauns use the Goldium in the pot to put in the legendary black box to power the city, but was proven false.

In one episode, it was revealed that the contents inside the Pot of Goldium can be used as a fuel source for vehicles.[1] and it was also revealed that a tiny nugget of the material was used to give the robots emotion.[2]


  • Pot of Goldium is a reference to the Irish folk tale about leprechauns and their pot of gold.

References Edit

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