Quest for the Goblin Crown Part 3 is a movie which was illegally downloaded by Bolts and Ratch-8.

Story Edit

The movie's plot, as explained in the episode The Quest of the Goblin Crown ,consists of a hero named Angor, along with his companions Squatnoose, Filbix, Stormcloud and Meelah. They have to go find the Goblin Crown, known to have dark power, and destroy it. First, they have to face a troll who guards the crown. Filbix casts a invisiblity spell on Angor and they fight and beat the troll, get the crown and go to the Kingdom to tell them they got the crown. After this they celebrate. The king tells Angor that the only way to destroy the crown is to throw it into the Void of Despair. As they reach the Void of Despair, Angor gets bewitched by the crown and tries to use it to resurrect Meelah, his love, who was slain by the goblins and reshape the world. Filbix sacrifices himself to destroy the crown and Angor realizes the sacrifices his friends made were the only thing that could help him reach victorious completion.