Ratch-8 is a member of the Thunderbolts. He is a random bot appearing in some episodes, such as a cameo in the housewarming robots in Welder's apartment in Move It Or Lose it. but makes a main appearance in The Quest of the Goblin Crown.  His name is a pun on the word "ratchet".

Design Edit


Ratch-8 is a plump, fat robot. He has an antenna on his head and he has light blue eyes, and his team jersey sporting blue and yellow colours, like the rest of the Thunderbolts. Due to his upbeat personality, he shows a bright smile on occasion.

Personality Edit

Ratch-8 is a positive robot, although appears to be pretty stupid. He is interested in Quest for the Goblin Crown Part 3 in The Quest of the Goblin Crown. However, he does not like getting yelled at by Gridiron, the team coach. In one episode, Ratch-8's stupidity caused the whole city to believe aliens were bent on conquering the moon even though other robots tried to.

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  • Ratch-8 had a deep voice in early episodes[1], but later, he has a slightly lighter voice.[2]


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