"No one has ever gone inside and come out the same!"
Blip talks about the Reformatter in The Magic of the Schleprechauns


The Reformatter.

The Reformatter is a fearsome monstrous machine who captures robots and reshapes them into electronic appliances. He is usually hired by Gridiron to reformat incompetent teammates and was once used by Dr. Blood . The Reformatter can talk and he is male, both revealed in The Magic of the Schleprechauns. He is a recurring antagonist, reappearing to reformat innocent bots. In Final Conflict, a larger version of the Reformatter was used by Dr. Blood to consume Blood Bots and incorporate their materials to transform into the MegaBlood.

Design Edit


The Reformatter's appearance make him completely different from other robots; he is a huge, tall pyramid shaped machine with a red slit for an eye with an has an antenna on his head. When his hatch opens, many long, huge metal claws come out of it to capture robots and remake them into human everyday items (eg. a microwave, a T.V, bicycle, etc). His insides include a conveyor belt that takes a victim to his stomach to be digested/reformatted.


Until The Magic of the Schleprechauns, his personality was never described. The latter shows that the Reformatter acts like a thug, with a deep voice. He once took the Black Box from the Thunderbolts, mentioning that he is "bad". He won't stop to hunt for the robot he is ordered to reformat. For some reason he fell in love with a soda machine while getting an upgrade with Welder.


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