"Hi deedle dee and shiddle dee doo! We throw all the trash that you're too lazy too! Throw out!."
The Magic of the Schleprechauns

The Schleprechauns are mythical robot janitors who live under Lunar City. It was also rumoured that they guard a Pot of Goldium. They are led by King Spinklewinks.The Schleprechauns are based on the Scottish folklore of Leprechauns, including guarding a pot of goldium (based on gold). Near the end of the series, the Schleprechauns were revealed that they could only do one heroic act per day, as it is union rules.


Appearance Edit

The Schleprechauns are short and small robots who are dressed like leprechauns. They have an Irish accent and have orange hair and beards. 

Personality Edit

The Schleprechauns are known to have a habit of picking up garbage and that they can only do one heroic act per day, as it is union rules.

Biography Edit

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The Schleprechauns were janitors who were built by Dr. Tommy to pick up garbage dropped by careless robot litterers. Then they turn the useless trash into Goldium. It was also rumored that they River danced and sucked the pimentos out of olives but this was never confirmed (according to Bolts). 

Bolts & BlipEdit

The Schleprechauns accidentally collected Saedee, Blip and Bolts with buckets over their heads in an effort to find them, thinking they were trash. After they were revealed to the "live ones", King Spinklewinks offers them Pot of Goldium, if they ever find his son. Eventually, they bring him back and the prince is grounded for ditching them. They give the Pot of Goldium and the Black Box to the trio.

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