Squeaker is a small robotic pet mouse who was created by Dr. Blood to bomb the robots. He attacked when he Blip's pet, but he has been tamed and he only attacks Bolts. At the end of Squeaker's debut, Little Squeaker, it was revealed that there was a hidden large chamber filled with loads of Squeaker bombs. He also has the ability to curl up into a ball.


Appearance Edit

Squeaker is very small and short. He is a grey robotic mouse with blue eyes, a skinny tail, and slightly large ears. His eyes turn from cute to aggressive when he sees Bolts. He has the ability to curl up into a ball. He used to have the ability to explode.

Squeeker memory file

File 97152

Personality Edit

Before he was reprogrammed, he showed and uncontrollable aggression towards the Thunderbolts. Now, he is sweet and mellow towards them (except Bolts). He shows much care towards Blip, as he is Squeaker's owner.