Notice the resemblance?

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Tiny Welder was created from a normal TV monitor that Bolts and Blip believed was a reformatted Welder, which apparently was not.[1]


Appearance Edit

Tiny Welder has similar attributes to the real Welder, with his jaw, his head shape and his eye color. The difference is his size, which is very small, a wrench for a hand and a toaster for his left foot. He surprisingly has laser eyes for no reason (Bolts thought it was cool).

Personality Edit

Unlike Welder, who is calm and gentle, Tiny Welder is utterly insane and rabid. For example, he acted aggressively towards Tigrr Jaxxon and the rest of the Galaxy All-Stars at the diner and would often utter out roars and snarls that sounded like Welder.

References Edit

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