"Vinnie Two Chimes is the most vicious bot in the city! And if I don't pay him, he'll hurt me and break me!"
— A frightened Bolts tells Blip about Vinnie in Lord Of The Box

Vinnie Two Chimes
Vinnie-2 chimes

Known Stats
Affiliation Himself
Gender Male
Race Robot
Occupation Loanshark
Allies His goons
Enemies Bolts

Vinnie Two Chimes is a loanshark who always has two henchmen at his side and is a recurring antagonist.  He appears to be voiceless, only communicating with beeping sounds which robots understand.

At one time, Bolts owed him a lot of money, begging Blip to help him but he refused, along with some other friends. After Bolts turns evil, he and his goons get pummeled by the Blood Bots and they are never seen again.



Vinnie has an unusual design, one that is different from the other robots. For example, Vinnie uses 4 wheels to move him around, and he communicates using beeping noises. In addition to that, Vinnie also has two lightbulbs on his head and he has a slit on his body that shoots out money owed to Bolts. Despite his diminutive size, he is a feared gangster, using his goons to intimidate his victims.


Though his size is small, his personality is much more fearsome, like a time when he threatened to turn Bolts into scrap metal, if the latter did not give him the money he owes. He plays dirty, and he even fixed a sock fight match in order for Bolts to get into trouble. It is possible he may be more threatening than his henchmen, considering that he has authority over them.


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Bolts & BlipEdit


  • His name is a pun on the term "Goody Two Shoes".