"I'm old and set in my ways. I like listening to music by people no one remembers."
— Welder talking to Gridiron in Move It Or Lose it.

Welder is a Lunar League player on the Thunderbolts team. He is described as a gentle giant, as evidenced by his huge body and old personality. Welder is an old and wise bot, and he is very reasonable. Because of his age, he can't think through things as fast as the newer bots, like in Little Squeaker, when Welder was looking for information on Squeaker. He is able to search his own memory files, but renders him inert for a while. 

Design Edit



Welder looking through his memory files.

He appears to be large in size, as he is a gentle giant. He also appears to have an old processor because of his age, as said in the first episode. Like all Thunderbolts members, he has blue eyes and the yellow and blue uniform for the Thunderbolts with its logo imprinted on it. When he got bitten by Saedee when the latter was a vampire, his eyes turn red orange.

Personality Edit

Welder appears to be a wise elderly robot, who longs for the days when he was younger. (He once got reprogrammed to be more youthful in A Kinder, Gentler Gridiron to fit in with the other robots.) He seemed to get cranky once when Blip and Bolts did a signature move (and fans housewarmed his house after). He ended up in jail framed for holding the wild party. When a prisoner mentioned about it, he got so mad, he blasted off back to his apartment and kicked Blip and Bolts out of his house (consequently smashing his figurines). This is an example of how Welder likes peace and quiet.

Relationships with other characters Edit


The two don't have much in common, but they're still all in all, friends.