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"YOU set a meeting and pencil ME in!"
Steve in Charge


Widget Spurwell.

Widget Spurwell is an executive of Dloob Co.

Design Edit

Appearance Edit

Widget looks like a business man with a taupe-tannish tie, a tuxedo, and can switch his hand into a cell phone. He has what appears to be a small moustache on his face. He is also very skinny.

Personality Edit

Alongside his partner, Rivet Clamptight, he discusses ways on how to promote Dloob Co, while working with Dr. Blood in the process and they discuss everything on business or monetary terms. They even bossed around the Thunderbolts while giving them the promise of cash.


Bolts & BlipEdit

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Widget was in the audience stand watching the Thunderbolts fight with huntsman's caps, and agreed to propose a deal to promote Dloob Co with Rivet Clamptight.